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2 Labour Activists and IIWU Board Members to Prison


 [Original PR in Farsi]

Sharif (left) and Mozaffar (right) board members of the Independent Iranian Workers' Union been sentenced to 6 month imprisonment based on  bogus charges.

Sharif (left) and Mozaffar (right) board members of the Independent Iranian Workers’ Union have been sentenced to 6 month imprisonment based on bogus charges.

The Independent Iranian Workers’ Union reported (2013-04-11) that Sharif Saaed-panaah, and Mozafar Saaleh-nia were condemned by the Islamic court in Sanandaj to 6 month imprisonment, and have been informed of their sentences by the Islamic court. These two labour activists and board members of the Independent Iranian Workers’ Union (IIWU) were accused of the bogus “crime” of “insolence” against the regime!

Sharif and Mozaffar were arrested on 5 January 2012 by Islamic security forces and released on January 19. These two labour activists were then called to appear in the Islamic court on 15 March 2012 but the court could not find any excuse to establish a crime and condemn them. On 6 of October 2012 Sharif and Saaed were brought to court again to face the same charges, and finally on 23 February appeared in 1st Branch of the Islamic court in Sanandaj.

Working people inside Iran and increasing number of people within the International Labour Movement know that Sharif and Mozaffar, like many other Iranian imprisoned labour activists such as Reza Shahaabi, Bahman Ebrahim-zaadeh , Mohammad Jarahi have not committed any crime other than defending the Union Rights, the most basic  rights of Iranian workers who have been pushed to absolute poverty and misery.


Condemn Arrest of Labour activists

We Condemn Arrest of Labour activists- Haft-tapeh Sugar-cane Syndicate

(Originally published in Farsi at: CCHFWO)




Workers, freedom loving people!

It is more than 20 days since a number of Coordinating Committee to Help Form Workers’ Organizations members, Ghaaleb Hoseini, Khaaled Hoseini, Behzaad Faraj-ollahi, Vafaa Ghaaderi, Ali Aazaadi, and Haamed Mahmood-nezhaad have been arrested and despite follow up by their families and friends are still detained in uncertainty.

These arrests, intimidations and threats are taking place while Fariborz Raeys-daanaa, Mohammad Jaraahi, Shahrokh Zamaani, Pedraam Nasr-ollahi, Rasoul Bodaaghi, Abdol-rezaa Ghanbari as well as many other labour and political activists are imprisoned under horrendous conditions.

These labour activists are being detained and prosecuted while the poor classes are living in misery due to the low life standards and wages and high level of unemployment. Naturally under such circumstances the working class and labour activists have no other choice but struggle to form independent labour organisations to pursuit their demands and claims, and these suppressive actions can not stop the efforts and struggles of the labour activists.

We Haft-tapeh Sugar cane workers condemn the arrest of these activists and demand their unconditional release of all imprisoned labourers and labour activists.

Haft-tapeh Sugar-cane workers’ syndicate

3 April 2013