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After 45 day illegal detention Ali Aazaadi has called home


After 45 day illegal detention Ali Aazaadi has called home

تماس تلفنی علی آزادی، فعال کارگری دربند با خانواده اش

Azaad baayad gardadAccording to the Coordinating Committee on Wednesday 17 April, Ali Aazaadi, labour activist and member of Coordinating Committee who was arrested on bogus charges by the Information Office in Sanandaj and has been detained for the past 45 days has in a phone call to his wife announced his interrogations completed and called his continued detention illegal.

Ali has complained about his critical health and the authorities’ unwillingness to provide the necessary care and medication. He has also complained about unsanitary conditions of the detention.

Ali’s family are worried about Ali’s health.

We along with Ali’s family, his friends and his colleagues in the Coordinating Committee, honourable people of Sanandaj and workers all over Iran demand Ali’s immediate and unconditional release.