Sharif Saaed-panaah Released

Sharif Saaed-panaah Released on Bail

2013-03-28 Sanandaj

Coordinating Committee reports that Sharif Saaed-panaah, labor activist and a member of IIWU was released on 70M Toomaan bail today.

ImageSharif and a number of other labor activists were detained without charge on the eve of 8 March in Sanandaj. We together with the Coordinating Committee, workers of Iran,and of course the honorable people of Sanandai congratulate Sharif’s release, to Sharif and his family and demand unconditional and immediate release of other detained labor activists, Vafaa Ghaaderi, Ali Aazaadi, Haamed Mahmood-nezhaad, Khaaled Hoseini, Behzaad Faraj-ollahi, Ghaaleb Hoseini detained and imprisoned in Sanandaj and all labor and political prisoners across Iran.


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