Arrest of Workers is Condemned

Ali Nejati’s Communiqué 

Arrest of Workers is condemned

Ali Nejati was persecuted todayOn the eve of the International 8 March, and Iranian New Year a number of workers,namely Behzad Faraj-ollahi, Ali Aazaadi, Vafaa Ghaaderi, Khaaled Hoseini, Haamed Mahmood-nezhad, and Ghaaleb Hoseini members of the Coordinating Committee (CCHFWO) and Sharif Saaed Panaah from the Independent Union (IIWU) were detained and imprisoned.
These arrests are being carried out at a time that a rising wave of unemployment sweep across the country, uncontrollable inflation and unbearable rise in prices are breaking back of the working class. The question is what have these workers demanded to deserve being in prison on the eve of the New Year? Isn’t it true that they had demanded fair wages and honorable life for workers and people in general and abolishment of discrimination? Should these honorable human beings be placed behind bars? I condemn these behaviors, detention of workers, threatening and intimidating their families, and demand immediate and unconditional release of these workers.
Towards unity and solidarity of all workers.
Ali Nejati, board member of Haft-tapeh Suger Cane Syndicate,
25 March 2013



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