Brutal Assaults by al-Maliki’s Security Forces

Brutal Assaults by al-Maliki’s Security Forces and Hired Thugs against the Protesters in Tahrir Square, Baghdad


The masses will overthrow the regime of the reactionary and savage militia as they have overthrown the brutal dictators of the region.


Nouri al-Maliki and his ruling al-Dawaa Party brought to Tahrir Square the reactionary plainclothes security forces and clan thugs who were paid to come and attack the protests of Friday [10 June 2011].  The Friday protests represented the largest gathering of people in response to the deceitful 100 days’ deadline, by which Maliki had promised – though of course did not deliver – improvements; to the contrary, the situation in Iraq had deteriorated even further and in all aspects.


On Friday 10 June 2011, groups of thugs were brought in [to Tahrir Square] in an attempt to sabotage the event, which marked peoples’ demand for the departure of this failed regime. Those thugs attacked people with batons, kicked and punched and stabbed with knives, waved firearms, and even stabbed a protesting girl by the name of Sahar al Mousawi. They beat hundreds of citizens and dragged a number in the dirt. Al-Maliki brought in mercenaries recruited from Iraqi clans and from among his medieval Islamic groups dressed as civilians; he set up tents for them, armed them with sectarian slogans and placards, and infiltrated them into the demonstration after they failed to break it up altogether. They then began a savage attack against the Tahrir Square demonstrators and protesters. These barbaric sectarian groups with their hateful slogans tried to accomplish a task that their masters have failed to achieve over the course of the past 9 years in Iraq, and that is to divide the society by religion and ethnicity, between Sunni & Shi’a. They even tried to tag the protesters as members of the Baath party, yet the crowd quickly responded with cries of, “We are not terrorists, not Baathist – we only want change!” Although al-Maliki’s thugs succeeded in dispersing the protest, both Maliki and his gangs were exposed in front of the social and mass media, despite the fact that the majority of the media were unfortunately not allowed to cover the demonstration. Yet some succeeded in breaking the black-out, which added to the anger and ire of the people against this savage group [al Maliki and his thugs and cronies], which has managed to supercede even the brutality and lack of humanity of the Baath party and its oppressive institutions.


Our party, on many previous occasions, has emphasized that the ruling powers of these Islamists, sectarians, nationalists and tribalists all together comprise a reactionary and terrorist force. This force was brought to power by the United States and the Western occupation, and installed in fraudulent and theatrical rigged elections carried out between the American guns and the Islamic terror. It constitutes a reactionary and terrorist power, and does not represent the will of the people of Iraq at all.


Recent events have proven the terrorism and savagery of these forces, and their animosity towards the people. But these attacks by the thugs of the authorities against the deprived masses, who are asking for freedom and equality and welfare, constitute only one episode of many in the struggle between the people’s front on the one hand, and the barbarity, reaction, and backwardness among these gangs of thieves and murderers on the other. This certainly won’t be the last episode. The peoples’ front is the camp of freedom and equality, welfare, humanity and civilization; the camp of Maliki, his cronies, and all his allies, and even his opponents in the government and the cardboard government itself are the reactionary front; they are retrogressive, barbaric, and [dependent for survival] on the division of the society into rival sects; they are anti-woman; in sum, they represent the consolidation of servitude, the front of oppression, detention, torture and terror.


Our party condemns in strongest terms these brutal attacks on unarmed masses by the thugs of Nouri al-Maliki and the mercenaries who were bought and paid for, brought in by air-conditioned buses as back-up forces, and checked into luxurious hotels in order to commit their savage crimes against the protesters. Our party will stay inside the camp of the protesters and demonstrators and remain in front of their ranks in order to achieve their demands. We will never stay silent in the face of these attacks, and we will expose them all over the world. Our party invites the people to escalate and amplify their objections, protests and demonstrations. Go out and occupy arenas and public squares until we achieve our victory, reach our objectives, and rid these brutal forces from our society, to be replaced with the humanitarian, secular, free and equal alternative instead. We invite the people to exhibit even stronger unity, and to stand their ground; to denounce sectarianism and all principles of the current regime; and to emphasize that this movement of the people is a part of the mass movement of the whole region, and it will be victorious.


Towards escalation of the objections and protests everywhere in Iraq,
until the overthrow of this gang of Islamic militias and corrupted sectarians!


Long live Iraqi peoples’ revolution for freedom, equality, and prosperity!
The people of Iraq will be victorious.


The Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq – LWPI

11 June 2011


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