Iraq: Day of Rage

The Religious and Nationalist Ruling Militias Kill a Number of Demonstrators and Seriously injure Dozens and Use Brutal Force to Suppress Protesters on the Day of Anger in Iraq

Despite the curfew in the capital Baghdad, large crowds of people have emerged on February 25th, on foot, heading to Tahrir Square, which was completely cordoned off with high concrete barriers and hundreds of militia forces spread out. In other parts of Iraq, similar demonstrations took place in the cities of Mosul, Fallujah, Hawija, and Sulaymaniyah to demand an end to unemployment, hunger, poverty and the provision of electricity, clean water and to hold accountable the corrupt and murderers, and demand freedoms and end terrorist laws. The ruling militia forces confronted the demonstrators with fire, killing dozens of them. In Hawija they killed 4 protesters, in Mosul 5 and other numbers in the city of Fallujah and Al Anbar. Also 2 of the demonstrators were shot and killed by the militia of the ruling parties in Kurdistan in the city of Sulaymaniyah and attacked the crowds with batons with many of them seriously injured.

Our party supports those demonstrations and calls for the people to strengthen them. At the same time we denounce the brutal repression that demonstrations were encountered with by the militias and demand international and humanitarian organizations to investigate and bring those responsible to trial, led by Nuri al-Maliki, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, who orders to fire and kill people with live bullets and hit them with batons.

While our party supports the masses in its uprising for bread, freedom, prosperity, and dignity, it warns against the attempts of the government of Maliki and especially the groups of Islamic sectarian Da’wa Party, the Supreme Council, and Al Sadr trend, with their handful of mullahs, of accusing the masses and their demonstrations of being politicized to serve Arab nationalists or the remnants of Ba’ath Party allied with Sunni terrorist and sectarian political Islam. All slogans raised in the demonstrations silence those allegations as they reflected clearly the demands of people for services, fighting unemployment and poverty, bring the corrupt and thieves to courts, and the provision of wide civil and social liberties. The demands of people are far from being religious, sectarian, tribal, or ethnic, or any other reactionary slogans aimed at tearing citizenship and digging trenches of sectarianism among the masses.

Our party stands at the forefront of the struggles of people to achieve the demands of freedom and dignity and strive to deliver the voice of the people of Iraq in all international forums. We demand the hand-in of all those criminal officers who ordered or carried out the shooting at demonstrators to public trial immediately.

Long-Live the uprising of the people of Iraq for freedom, equality, prosperity, and dignity!

Forward until victory!

The Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq – LWPI

February 26, 2011


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