Twitter Storm Campaign

Twitter Storm Campaign


January 29th is approaching and we have a very short time left to try to make this day even more glorious. This day must be a hard slap on the bloodied snout of the regime of murder, execution, rape and torture; the regime of imprisoning lovers of humanity, dignity, love and freedom; the regime of imprisoning freedom and leaving free the lumpens, the rapists, the lovers of pain, suffering, blood and chain.

In the past few days, we all have tried to have a common campaign in defense of equality-demanding women, freedom-loving students, and workers who demand their rights, in defense of the demand of freedom for all political prisoners, and to stop executions.  And so far, we have had significant achievements that are priceless for our future activities to expand our struggle against the Islamic Republic’s oppressive killing machine, against execution and the entirety of this murderous apparatus.

Until this moment, 32 protest actions have been reported for January 29th, and the list of actions is becoming even longer.  But the success of our global day is dependent on the international echo of our demands and broad reverberations of the results of this campaign. Our success is dependent on widespread yet targeted advertisement. Facebook, to this day, has played its role efficiently, yet still has more to do, both before and after our global day on January 29th.  But Facebook, like any other social media, has its pluses and minuses.  We need to use the pluses to better effect, and for the minuses, we will use other social media to compensate for the shortcomings of Facebook.

As an effective step towards this, in order to increase the number of people informed of what is going on in Iran; in order to make the world aware of our demands; in order to force the mass media to cover our efforts; in order to force the politicians, rulers, governments, parliaments, parties, personalities, organizations, and institutions to break their deafening silence; in order to absorb and support international activists in their efforts to get rid of the misery of the Islamic Republic, from the 26-29th of January, we will have a Tweet Storm campaign.

We will inform you of the details of this campaign, which starts at 24:00 CET.

With best regards,
January 25, 2011


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