First package of tweets.

دوستان پاکت اول، شامل توئیت‌های عمومی‌ است. اگر از توئیت‌های خودتان استفاده می‌کنید، فراموش نکنید که حتما از تگ ۲۹ ژانویه  استفاده کنید که دیگران بتوانند شما را پیدا کنند.

اگر از توئیت‌های پاکت اول راضی‌ هستید آنها را یکی‌ یکی‌ کپی و در تویتر پیست کنید.


Tweet 1:

#Jan29 join us 2 show IRI the world doesn’t tolerate this barbarity.#Stopexecutions #freeall political prisoners now

Tweet 2:

#Jan 29 #Afghanistan 4 cities joining us 2 #stopexecutions and demand #freethemnow , free all political prisoners

Tweet 3:

#Jan29 32 events! join us 2demand action 2 stop the Islamic Republic of #iran from murdering & torturing.We demand diplomatic

Tweet 4:

#Jan29 People of the World It is time to Act!Let’s Bring an End to Executions #Free all Political Prisoners in #Iran

tweet 5:

#Jan29 protest because:Islamic Republic of #Iran is the regime of Imposition of sexual apartheid no 2 gender#apartheid

Tweet 6:

#Jan29 Protest because; IR of #Iran is the regime of Public lashing, torture & executions of its opponents & prisoners

Tweet 7

#Jan29 Protest because; IR of #Iran s Imposition of medieval religious rules on 70 million people #No2IRI #Free them now

Tweet 8:

#Jan29 Protest because you believe #stoning 4 sexual relation by Islamic Republic of #Iran is #barbaric.

Tweet 9:

#Jan29 Protest because Hostage taking of foreign nationals as a means of political bartering with other govs by IR of #Iran isn’t tolerable

Tweet 10:

#Jan29 Protest because IR of #Iran , regime of rape, torture and execution is guilty of Execution of minors


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