To: Ministry for Foreign Affairs

To:  Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The International Committee against Execution want to express its condemnation of all death penalties and in particular all notoriously vicious death sentences and executions of political prisoners, which seems to be a particularly barbaric practice of Iranian government.

The barbaric violations that Islamic Republic of Iran carry out against people of Iran such as executions of political prisoners are no internal affair, but crimes against humanity. Increasingly, the Iranian government has utilized the death penalty to silence opposition to its political, social and cultural agenda. Over the past few years the Islamic Republic of Iran has had the second highest number of reported executions than any other country in the world. The death penalty is the ultimate violation of the right to life. When used arbitrarily it is no different than state sanctioned murder.

We hereby declare our full solidarity with the Iranian people’s own struggle to liberate themselves from any government that carry out such barbaric acts of repression.

We urgently request that the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs to swiftly act and pressure the Islamic Republic of Iran to abolish the practice of executing political prisoners.

We demand:

• Habib Latifis’ execution sentence should be overturned. Habib, his family members, and all Sanandaj arrestees should be freed immediately and unconditionally

• The immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners in Iran

• Take immediate steps to close the doors to the Islamic Republic’s Embassy in Sweden.

We have demanded, and continue to demand, that Swedish government start acting in support of the human rights of Iranian people, and thereby in the support of the human rights of all people.

On behalf of the International Committee against Execution

Sweden Stockholm, 2010-12-29


Mamad Amiri 073-7801510

Afsane Vahdat 070-2468454

Marjan Vaez 070-4433678


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