Zahra Bahrami is in danger of being executed

22 Aug 2010

Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran

Zahra Bahrami, a Dutch- Iranian citizen who travelled to Iran to visit her family has been arrested and trialled by the Islamic court on 16 August 2010 and sentence to execution.
Zahra Bahrami, 45, and mother of two has been in prison for 9 months. She travelled to Iran for a family visit, but was arrested following the Ashura protests in 27 December 2009. During her imprisonment Zahra has been severely tortured both mentally and physically. She initially spent more than six months in a solitary confinement in section 209 of Evin prison without being allowed to have visitors.
Zahra Bahrami has been allegedly charged with “Moharebeh” (which means enemy of God) and “acting against national security”. She was tortured and forced to make a televised “confessions” to admitting her charges. Forcing prisoners to make televised “confession” have been widely used by the Islamic regime to exert pressure, and to create fear amongst the prisoners as well as general public. Televised “confessions” were extensively used in 80s by the Islamic regime and also in aftermath of 2009 protests; most recently it was used in Sakine Ashtinai’s case.
Zahra Bahrami attended the Islamic court on 16 August 2010 and was denied access to a lawyer. During the trial she repeatedly requested to have an access to a legal representative, but her request was ignored, and she was told that her sentence will be confirmed 10 days after the trial.

Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI) is seriously concerned about Zahra’s case, and fear for her life and safety.
We call on all human rights organisations and concerned individuals to take an action immediately by sending a protest letter to the Dutch foreign minister. Zahra Bahrami needs your support.

Campaign to Free Political Prisoners

20 August 2010

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