Workers protest in Mahshahr

Karoon Petrochemical workers in Mahshahr protest against imposed additional work

According to news published in Free union of Iranian workers site, a section of   Karoon Petrochemicals in Mahshar have protested against imposition of additional work by the management. It is for some time now that the new management instead of recruiting new labor force has loaded the workers of the utilization section with the arduous and very important work of sampling of the chemicals in this factory, an extremely hazardous work (processing Izo Cyanide a carcinogen substance) without extra payments. In protest to this bulling and clear abuse on Wednesday 29 Ordibehest( May 26th) at noon, morning, evening and night shift workers assembled outside the management’s office and refused to assume their  work. According to this news following to this protest, the conflict between the workers of this section of production with the management and it’s subordinates such as the security and the personal officials has continued and since May 26th the production workers have refused to do the additional work, and  unified and consistently insist on their demands.

Worker communist party of Iran firmly supports Karoon petrochemicals protest and calls upon all workers of this factory both the contract workers as well as employed to a unified and powerful struggle till they reach their goals. The party calls upon all the workers and their families, and workers in other work places to stand united and unified against extortion and bullying against workers.

Worker-communist Party of Iran

May 29,  2010


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